Homemade pizza

Homemade pizza in the oven tonight with crusty garlic bread.

alright i cheated and brought the bases instead off making them i know naughty me but shh no one knows :). we have a vegetarian pizza with capsicum italian diced tomatoes red onion mushroom with lots off cheese to hide the vegies from miss 3 the other we are having will be Cabanosi ham mushroom capsicum pepperoni bacon and cheese hubby favourite. Tomorrow night will be a nice quick and easy sausage hot pot in the slow cooker with creamy mashed cauliflower and potato.


getting Back into the kitchen

wow been over a year since my last blog and so much has happened we moved to a new bigger place, and have welcomed 2 new additions to our family a beautifull baby girls born 19th december who is now 7 months and growing way to quick and our other addition is a black labrador puppy jessie she has been with us just over 6 weeks and its a beautifull terror off a dog she is great company to our 3 yr old. my cooking went a bit out the window and i started to not enjoy my self in the kitchen and was getting lots off take out and wasting lots of money and gettin into more debt. now everything has settled down and we have a nice Fan force oven in i'm back to my cooking and slow enjoying it once more. last night i made morrocan lamshanks served with chat potatoes they were delish little miss 3 had a second helping. tonight i have turned the left over morrocan sauce into a chicken and vegtable casserole. i plan to do some baking this week and make some yummy scones i have not made these in ages and they remind me off my childhood