back from our lovely weekend getaway unfortunately it was cut a day short but all was good my daughter loved it all the animals the ducks and cows were her favourite it was so peace full and stress free i really do love the country farm life i can see my self doing it so can hubby maybe in a few years time. so whats cooking this week all just basic stuff nothing to exciting did an inventory of the meals we really like to eat and and came up with 31 regular meals so there is a months worth and with me trying to make a new meal each week there is lots of variety. this week we are having.

curried sausages
beef stir fry
beef stroganoff
lamb roast using up left over rosemary from Anzac day.
chops and vegies
homemade pie
fettuccine bosciola
home made chicken schnitzel

planning on trying to finish my cookbook this week the small first addition there will be 2 to 3 meals in each section only have 5 more recipes to write up. off to write my shopping list for the week up

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