back from our lovely weekend getaway unfortunately it was cut a day short but all was good my daughter loved it all the animals the ducks and cows were her favourite it was so peace full and stress free i really do love the country farm life i can see my self doing it so can hubby maybe in a few years time. so whats cooking this week all just basic stuff nothing to exciting did an inventory of the meals we really like to eat and and came up with 31 regular meals so there is a months worth and with me trying to make a new meal each week there is lots of variety. this week we are having.

curried sausages
beef stir fry
beef stroganoff
lamb roast using up left over rosemary from Anzac day.
chops and vegies
homemade pie
fettuccine bosciola
home made chicken schnitzel

planning on trying to finish my cookbook this week the small first addition there will be 2 to 3 meals in each section only have 5 more recipes to write up. off to write my shopping list for the week up


where has the last month gone

ok will try this again i just did something weird to my post been a bit slack in the kitchen over the past month and to my blog aswell still cooking a storm but have had more take out been so busy have had 6 bday 3 engagement and we all been sick and i'm now on a lot of medication well a lot for me anyway for the next few days to try and cut this flu out or the doc fears i might get Phenomena that will be just my luck so the cookbook is still come just not a quick as i would have liked and i'm just going to do a small one to start with. i'm more of a main meal cook than deserts and sweets as i seem to lack an artistic streak i do love to make cakes from scratch and scone like my great grandmother and i used to as a child. we are going away for Easter to hubby grandparents place at stroud it will be good to get away even if just for to nights we have never been for a holiday except to visit the grandparents yes we never went on a honeymoon worked it instead we are very practical people if you cant guess anyway I'm rambling like i do its just me so i'm hoping to get some yummy duck eggs this weekend and maybe even some chicken if there is enough.
so meals for the week nice and basic
monday deviled sausage in slow cooker
tuesday we had chicken soup with lots of vegies slow cooker again
Wednesday hubby got pizza on way home i just had no energy to stand
Thursday dinner will be for lunch as hubby is working late so having tacos for lunch and dd and i will have stir fry out of the freezer for us two
Friday no I'm still working this one out as it is good friday thinking of doing some home made calamari and lemon fish cooked on the bbq and honey soy oysters served with a nice green leafy salad.
Saturday will be away
sunday away
monday nice and easy spaghetti.

i wish everyone a merry and happy safe easter and Anzac day