so i have really neglected my blog over the last month and half i had all these great ideas on wrighting weekly but unfortunately that has not happend dd2 is keeping me busy so is our lil bub to be due in december m/s not the best but am nearly over that stage hopefully and have so much energy been back in the kitchen this week poor dh was doing a lot of the cooking for a while there. so this week we had

monday chicken legs and fried rice i finally made a nice fried rice been trying all sorts for ages lol
tuesday: southern style chicken chips and gravy
wednesday chicken enchiladas
thursday roast chicken baked vegies
friday using left over chiken from roast for homemade sweet chilli pizza for dh and i and a tomato and bbq chicken for dd oh and cant forget the garlic bread.

and yes i can see a patten there a lot of chicken seems to be all i feel like eating at the moment opps might try mix it up next week lucky dh doesnt complain just likes my cooking.